Fundraising Made Easy!

Follow the tips below to maximise your fundraising efforts! Utilise tried & true Weekend fundraising tactics along with social networking and team building to make your fundraising easier than ever.

Each walker commits to raising a minimum of $2,000 per person in order to participate in the event. On average, our walkers raise $2,800 each because of all the support we provide. A donation can only be attributed to one participant’s donation account. Donations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

First Things First
    Ask For Your First Donation Today
    Asking people for donations may seem difficult, but when you ask someone for a donation to a cause, you are in effect giving them a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the solution. Your friends and family want to support you! You’d be surprised at how many people want to make a difference in the effort to end women’s cancers.

    Kickstart Your Fundraising With Your Own Donation
    On average, Walkers who make their own donation raise more than those who don't, and receive larger donations from their friends and family. Make as generous a donation as you can to demonstrate your commitment! Remember, if you make a recurring donation, the payment will be spread out over several months but your total pledged donation will show on your fundraising total right away!

    Customise Your Personal Page
    Share your story and upload an inspirational photo on your Personal Page. Participants who personalise their Personal Page raise an average of 22% more than those who don't, so compel donors to contribute by sharing your reason for committing to The Weekend.

    Use Your Participant Centre and Send Your First Email
    Take advantage of the amazing tools your Participant Centre offers! Import your email contacts, send customised sample letters, track your responses and thank your donors.

    Aim High
    On average, walkers raise $2,700-- well above the minimum. The more money you raise, the more good work that gets done. Set yourself a challenge and go for it!

How to Ask
    Create a List of Potential Donors
    Compile a list of EVERYONE you know. The more people you ask, the more donations you are likely to receive!

    Face-to-Face Meeting
    Asking a potential donor for a contribution in person is always more impactful. Talking with you one-on-one will allow them to experience your passion and dedication.

    Expand Your Giving Circle
    You can multiply your donations by giving additional donation forms to your family and friends who have already donated, or asking them to include a link to your Personal Page in their emails.

Activate Your Social Network
    Fundraise with Facebook
    If you’re not a member of Facebook yet, join! It’s an amazing Weekend tool for fundraising and team recruitment! Meet other Walkers in your area and check-out upcoming Weekend events by joining The Weekend Page on Facebook.

    Fundraise with Twitter
    Stay in the know with Twitter by searching for posts with the hashtags #WEWC. Doing so will connect you directly to all tweets from our official accounts. While you are at it, follow us and use this social network to tweet your personal page links and fundraising messaging.

Expand Your Circle
    Team Up!
    Send a quick email alerting friends, family and co-workers that you’ve registered for The Weekend and invite them to join your team! Together, you’ll push each other further and have a blast while doing it.

    Bring The Weekend to Work
    Encourage co-workers to contribute or join your team by hanging a graph charting your training and fundraising progress, as well as staying stocked with plenty of donation and registration forms. Use email or inter-office memos (get permission!) to recruit new Walkers and donors. Ask them to sponsor a fundraising event, publicise The Weekend in the company newsletter, or donate to your corporate team!

    Become a Weekend Pacesetter
    Go above and beyond to support the efforts of The Weekend in recruitment and fundraising. As a special thank you, The Weekend highlights the amazing efforts of these teams, both online and on-event!

    Company Donation Matching Programs
    Visit your Human Resources representative to find out if your company or employer matches your donation fundraising efforts. Many companies are eager to support their employees, as well as the community.

    Reach Out to Your Coaches
    If you want to connect with other Walkers in your area, need a few fundraising tips, or instructions for any of our tech tools, the Weekend Coaches are just a quick call away!

Last but Not Least
    Follow Up
    If you haven’t received a response from someone you’ve asked for a donation, be sure to follow up. Make a phone call or send a quick email to make sure that they haven’t forgotten your request.

    Thank Your Donors
    It is very important that to thank your donors as soon as possible! Once you have received a donation from someone, let them know that their contribution is important to you and that you appreciate it. Invite your donors to Closing Ceremonies, so they can see the results of your hard work and experience The Weekend energy in person.

    Post Event
    People love to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Express your gratitude by sending out a newsletter or email with photos and/or video, and an additional thank you for your donors’ support. There are sample thank-you letters in your Participant Centre.

If you need more help or have any questions, call our Weekend Coaches at .